Junior youth club (8 – 12)


The statutory ‘Transitions Project’ (8 – 13), used to be run by the Play Service from SLYC (since 2004), but ended on 31 March 2012, following LB Camden cuts to services. SLYC decided to run a Junior Youth Club due to the raising concerns of users of the Transitions Project, their parents, other members of the local community and local Primary Schools (Netley and Christ Church). The Junior Youth Club (JYC) started on the 17th April 2012 and has been an immense success – over 35 children in average attend each session and the membership stands at 150. The children have available the following resources at the Centre: (i) IT Suite; (ii) Games Room; (iii) DJ / MC Room; (iv) Sports Hall; (v) Dance Studio; (vi) Juice Bar; (vii) Community Café; (viii) Gym. Although all these areas are regularly used, the children frequently play football, do arts and crafts; use the running machines in the gym [under strictly supervision]; use computers and have free jam and toast with squash in the Juice Bar. Additionally, at least once a month they have cooking sessions, dance and drama classes, and the very popular ‘Talent Show’.

 The Junior Youth Club (JYC) has been devised to ensure the needs created by the end of the old statutory project [Transitions]. It will help disadvantaged children to develop life skills within their peer group and develop coping strategies into adulthood, which will enable them develop and realise their full potential as individuals. It will offer facilities for sport, fitness, social interaction, IT, music and dance, team building, arts and craft, creative development, literacy and verbal skills and the opportunity to experience off site trips to recreational activities. Without such a Project, focusing on early intervention, this age group will have no structured provision outside mainstream school. They would therefore miss out on a number of opportunities that would help them towards their emotional, educational and physical development through the difficult transitional period from primary to secondary school. The Junior Youth Club takes place on Friday, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm


SLYC is also particularly proud of its older young people who are working as volunteers in the Junior Youth Club. The fact that inner city young people, who face so many difficult circumstances can take ‘ownership of SLYC’ and be prepared to support other young people living in similar circumstances, makes us all feel privileged of working and supporting them.




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