What we do


What We Do

SLYC has an established track record of addressing the needs of children and young people at risk of child poverty. Samuel Lithgow run five different Youth Projects in 2017 / 2018 (i) Senior Youth Club (age 12+ / 400 regular users); (ii) Junior Youth Club (age 8 – 12 / 80 regular users); (iii) Holiday Programme (age 10 – 18 / 300 regular users); (iv) After School Club (age 8 – 12 / 40 regular users. These projects offer sports, IT, music, gym, healthy eating and cooking, training, drugs awareness, sex and relationships education (SRE), homework support, mentoring, and employment advice sessions to children / young people. SLYC also offers a number of sports, leisure, training, health, and fitness activities for the whole community.  In the past 12 months we had over 25,000 users’ visits by disadvantaged children, young people and adults, who used our facilities and benefited from a series of structured activities. 


Each one of those programmes offers an array of different activities focusing on ICT, Training, Education and Employment; Health, Sports, and Leisure. (Programme of Activities).


The Youth Programme is centred on current youth projects (Junior and Senior Youth Clubs, Holiday Programme and After School Club)  and is carried out on a face-to-face basis (although, whenever required, children, young people, or parents, will be referred to or, signposted, to others (i.e. Social Services, Youth Offending Services, Youth Pupil Referral Unit).


All activities delivered for the other programmes (BAMEs, the unemployed and Senior Citizens) have either a facilitator(s) or trainer (s) to run the classes (but sometimes both or other workers are be required – i.e. crèche workers; nutritionists, cooks; volunteers) and, whenever required / possible users will be referred / signposted to other requested or advisable services. SLYC also provide information and advice to the wider community, and not necessarily only users, who come to the Centre for help and guidance (i.e. information on mainstream and statutory services; schools, and voluntary organisations).